Carbokarn Activated Carbon ‘Water Series’ using cutting edge carbon manufacturing technologies. We offer high quality, standard, special processed products complying with NSF 61, NSF 42, PROP 65 certifications. Effectively remove organic molecules including Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), disinfection by-products (DBPs), chlorinated compounds, chloramines, polycyclic hydrocarbons, heavy metals, colored bodies, toxins and oils among many other contaminants. The superior hardness, adsorption characteristics, ideal pore dimensions and controlled particle size distribution ensures consistent, high quality performance of the carbon products for applications in potable, industrial, waste water and effluent water treatment. Special products in for water treatment include impregnated grades with bacteriostatic action, catalytic carbons for the removal of sulfur compounds and chloramines, low Iron and low chloride products, specialized washed products and ultrapure water for dialysis and electronic industry requirements.

Carbokarn Activated Carbon granular and powdered  types are effective in removing organic solvents that are the source of  BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) , COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), TOC (Total Organic Content) and other contaminants such as mercury  compounds, Sulfated Compound, Halogenated Compound, Carcinogen, Polycyclic Hydrocarbon, Aromatic Compounds, Phenol and Bis-phenol A (BPA), Oil, Color , Color substrate from effluent systems, Waste water from washing,  Industrial waste water,  Leachate from landfill pond.

Carbokarn Industrial Water Treatment Activated Carbon series focuses on activated carbon media for industrial water filters, de-desalination systems and special low silica requirements of  Boiler feed water and Condensate water polishing.  These tailor made products effectively adsorb contaminant organics, carcinogens, residual levels of disinfectants and disinfectant by-products while also contributing to the aesthetic value of the water by removing undesired color and odor forming compounds. The superior hardness and high resistance to attrition exhibited by our carbons increases the lifetime of the filter bed with consistent performance.

Carbokarn powdered and granular activated carbon comply with NSF 61, NSF 42, PROP 65 certification. Use for drinking water production ,  remove substances that cause odors and flavors such as MIB, Geosmin, unwanted colors, pollutants, chlorine (Chlorinated Hydrocarbon) , Trihalomethanes,  residues from disinfectants, volatile organic compounds ,  herbicite , pesticides and its residues.

Carbokarn activated carbon comply with NSF 61, NSF 42, PROP 65 is used to absorb substances that cause color and organic matter with low molecular weight. medium and high.  Remove  residual chlorine and chloramine . Absorbs chemicals that occur after reacting in water, such as Trihalomethanes.  Make the drink has correct taste, color and odor.  It has low dust and low ash.  There is no heavy metal contamination such as arsenic. Very high hardness.

Carbokarn high purity activated carbon products  use for ultrapure water production. To remove hydrocarbons, chlorine, dissolved ions and dissolved gases from water, which could damage the very fine circuits of chips etc. used in electronic devices. It offers superior adsorption properties and very high purity levels. It has a superior hardness that allows a longer lifetime in the circuit and the capacity to be regenerated.

Activated carbon for Household water filter Manufacturer ,  for the removal of toxic contaminants, organic and inorganic pollutants, chlorine, substances that cause unpleasant odor, color and taste.  With very low ash , very low dust, low iron and very low chloride, very high hardness.  The proportion of size is consistent, increasing the efficiency of the filter that cause of no resistance problems from pressure drop.  There are special types; an  impregnated with silver elements to kill bacteria with meets USEPA leaching standard  and  specific grades for effective removal of specific target contaminants such as chloramines Mercury, Cadmium and other heavy metals, sulfur compounds.

Activated carbon can be used to remove organic and inorganic substances in agriculture using that cause water in the soil to be polluted, such as, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and chlorinated hydrocarbon compounds , TOC (Total Organic Carbons), TOX (Total Organic Halides), and DOC (Dissolved Organic Compounds)  It can be used directly for treatment or in combination with other treatment systems

Carbokarn Activated Carbon absorbs chloramine and organic dissolved in the pool and the aquarium.  Inhibit changes in the aquarium environment by absorbing chemicals that are pollutants and toxins from algae. Remove  residues pollutant that have been transformed from disinfectants such as Trihalomethanes (THM), chloramines, excess ozone  and irritating substance to the eyes and respiratory organs of swimmers.